BNI Application (PDF)

We invite you to submit an application and upon your acceptance to the BNI San Diego chapter, you will lock out your competitors. 

Submitting and/or paying for your membership does not imply acceptance to BNI. All applicants must be reviewed and approved by the chapter membership committee in order to be a BNI member.

(works best in Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari browsers) For Firefox browser you will need to download and save to your desktop for the application to become fillable.

NOTE: This is NOT an online application.
Please see the notes below.  

1. Complete every interactive field on both pages.
2. Print and sign three copies. Keep one copy for yourself.
3. The Vice President or a member of the Membership Committee may arrange to pick up the application and interview you for the position. If not, please deliver the two signed application copies at your next visit. Your application will be reviewed by the Chapter's Membership Committee
4. When the Vice President notifies you of acceptance and induction date, please pay for your membership by credit card by going online to 
on the left hand sidebar click New Member Pay Online. You will receive an email receipt, which you need to bring to the Vice President prior to induction.

5. If you cannot pay by credit card online, please bring a check to the Vice President prior to induction.  

The investment to join BNI consists of an application fee and a participation fee as shown below. 

1. Application Fee: $199
2. Participation Fees:
    a. Option 1. $545 for a one-year membership, or
    b. Option 2. $899 for a two-year membership.

BNI Membership Pay online
Click here to pay for your membership securely online.


THANK YOU for applying to engage the services of BNI and become a member of BNI. 
For more information contact the BNI San Diego office at (619) 255-2620, or 
send email to [email protected].


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