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Are you looking to grow your business?

Would referrals be helpful for you in growing your business?

Our members have reported over $##tyfcb## in closed business during the past 12 months!

Established in 2001, BNI Carmel Valley is comprised of dynamic and committed business professionals who meet regularly to collaborate and forge valuable long-term relationships within the local business community. Our professional (and yes, fun) atmosphere provides a positive, supportive place that's conducive to the exchange of warm referrals and relationship introductions. We truly believe in the organizational philosophy of "Givers Gain".

Establishing long-standing business relationships in the community helps professionals establish an ongoing "pipeline of referrals" - even when the economy is weak. People will still choose to do business with - and refer people - that they know, like and trust.

You're invited to attend! Come once, and bring a thick stack of business cards with you. Grow your local contacts, and gain more visibility in the local business community.

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